Unique laser sensor technology

Featured Product from Micro-Epsilon Group

optoNCDT laser sensors are based on the triangulation measuring principle. The sensors measure displacement, distance and position on a non-contact basis. The optoNCDT 1320 series stands out due to their compact size and high performance. The controller for these laser triangulation sensors is integrated in the housing, which simplifies the installation many times over. As the sensors are compact and extremely lightweight, they can be easily integrated into restricted installation spaces and are ideally suitable for applications where high accelerations occur e.g. on the robot arm or in pick-and-place machines.

The measuring rate of optoNCDT 1320 sensors can be adjusted to up to 2kHz. The Auto Target Compensation (ATC) feature enables precise control of the distance signal regardless of target colour or brightness. Very small objects can be detected reliably due to the small and sharply projected measurement spot size.

Due to their excellent price/performance ratio, the sensors are particularly suitable for high volume applications in machine integration and factory automation.

The optoNCDT 1320 models enable quick sensor commissioning with just a few clicks using the multifunction sensor button. An intuitive web interface enables the user to carry out extended sensor settings. The settings for the most common surface types can be selected using presets.