Inspection / Testing Services

Service Detail from Micro Quality Calibration, Inc.

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Our Inspection Department is equipped with the latest technology inspection instruments, allowing MQC to measure and validate the most challenging of features. Our Labs are equipped with the latest video, temperature, electronic and pressure measurement devices, which enable us to achieve the most difficult verification of dimensional features. MQC recognized a long ago that there were serious flaws in the manufacturing approaches to SPC. To that end, we implemented an inspection verification plan which is SPC driven, to enable many of our customers to nearly complete their mechanical machine processes without time consuming stops and starts to do inspection steps.

Our Verification techniques have proven a significant cost savings factor to both the manufacturing and quality cost. Additionally, our First Article rapid response team often can turn critical path inspection in 24-72 hours. Our expertise in spherical (roundness), surface finish, optical (non-contact), and dimensional attribute verification (Rockwell Hardness Inspection, Compression/Inspection Testing, Electrical Component Inspection, Environmental Testing, etc.) has thrust us into a World Class leadership role in this industry. Our highly developed Coordinate Measurement Machine ("CMM") techniques and video complimented enhancement allows us to reach the most difficult areas for verification. Let us examine your part / product for the search of the minutest defect prior to manufacturing. Whether it’s prototype inspection, Initial Sample Inspection Report, full dimensional layout, or Production Part Approval Process our First Article Inspection will arm your company with essential information that can potentially save your company money.

We maintain a very extensive physical standards inventory and continue to evaluate and update this cache with the very latest and best standards that money can buy. With this approach, we have been able to capitalize on the technical advancements with better test methods, lowering cost, and reduction of cycle time. Our comprehensive Test Reports (which are provided to our customers) details the key points of critical dimensional attributes, as well as major and minor features and are in full compliance to our customer needs.

MQC has mastered the inspection processes and are capable of providing detailed inspection / testing plans for the most discriminating clients. Please inquire how we may augment your quality process and become a solution for the growing diversification in the Quality Arena.