Specialized Oxygen Pressure Transmitter MDM4901FL

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Different from other pressure transmitters which are filled with silicone oil, the MDM4901FL oxygen pressure transmitter is Fluorolube® oil-filled and it is designed according to the requirements of oxygen pressure measurement to keep the product clean at the same time.

The main component of Fluorolube® oil is inactive and flameless CTFE which features high-temperature stability, good lubrication, high dielectric strength, high density, low compressibility and nonpolar, etc. By applying the Fluorolube® oil, It helps to prevent oxidation reaction between oxygen and silicon oil and therefore prevents explosion efficiently.



1. Pressure Range: 0~0.035...3.5MPa

2. Power supply: 15~28VDC (2-wire/3-wire)

3. Output: 4~20mA DC (2-wire)

               0/1~5VDC, 0~10/20mA DC (3-Wire)

4. Zero Thermal error: ±0.75%FS(±1.25%FS, ≤100kPa)

5. FS Thermal error: ±0.75%FS(±1.25%FS, ≤100kPa)

6. Static pressure effect: ±0.05%FS, per100kPa

7. Compensated Temp.: 0~50 °C

8. Operation Temp.: -10~80 °C

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