Dual Bridge Stress and Temperature Sensor (DBST)

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Micron’s (DBST) Dual Bridge Stress and Temperature Sensor is a miniature dual measurement 17-4 CRES sensor that uses Wheatstone bridges with Micron’s semiconductor strain gages to measure stress or load, and a single semiconductor crystal to accurately measure temperature - all in a miniature package. Keeping the sensor small minimizes perturbations in the normal stress field. The DBST’s high spring constant allows measurement of stress in viscoelastic materials. It’s high frequency and over-range capability provides the option of measuring pressure up to 3000 psi.

For ease of installation, the electrical cable is a miniature flex 0.137 wide by 0.010 thick. The bridge completion housing is optionally integrated into the connector. Miniature cable options are also available, as seen in the picture on the right, below.

The sensor can be bonded to a shim to provide a flat surface when mounting the sensor on curved areas. All of this keeps the adhesive compliance to a minimum and optimizes the measurement accuracy.

Thermal hysteresis analysis and long-term stability data are available as options.


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