Semiconductor Temperature Sensing Element

Product Announcement from Micron Instruments & Micron Meters

The ST-037-022-5000N is a Silicon Semiconductor "N"-doped bulk type Temperature Sensing Element that develops a large resistive change with temperature. This thermo-resistive device is etched from a solid piece of doped material and has a minimum of molecular slippages and/or dislocations resulting in a highly reliable device. When used as recommended, a signal resolvable to 0.001° F is possible.

Although the change in resistance with temperature is non-linear, when the temperature sensing element is used with passive resistive elements to form a bridge the resulting signal is linearized by R3. The individual passive elements R1 and R2 have no effect on linearization and can be used to provide an offset or bridge balance at any temperature within the operating range.

The sensor can be bonded with epoxy to materials which can affect the data slightly due to the differences in thermal expansion between the silicon and the material to which it is being bonded. The effect is less than 1%/100°F for materials with a Thermal Coefficient of 10 micro-inch/inch/ °F or less.

The mass of the sensor is small and will respond to a 180 degrees F change of temperature in water in less than two milliseconds.

Useful in Lines, Storage Tanks, Air Conditioners, Fuses and Anemometers

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