DC Bias Current Source 6375 + 6220

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The LCR Meter can measure the electrical characteristics of the inductor such as L value, Q value, Z value and DCR. However, when it is actually applied to a circuit, it often carries a DC current instead of an AC signal when it is simply measured. For example: Circuits for switched power supplies require high-frequency filtering by inductors. When used, they need to carry large DC currents. In this case, the inductance characteristics may change due to magnetic saturation. 

However, it is impossible to measure such changes by measuring with the LCR Meter. Therefore, it is necessary to add DC Bias to simulate the electrical characteristics when the DC current is actually applied. 

In addition to providing a configurable constant current measurement mode, MICROTEST also has a scan analysis function, a temperature rise test and a multi-step mode that can be edited according to customer requirements. The DC Bias series has 6210/6220. The 6210/6220 can be stacked with 6 units and the maximum output voltage is 20Vdc.

At present, there is an increasing trend in the demand for testing of high current products. To supply such a large current, it is also necessary to withstand a large current in fixtures and fixtures. This part is also our advantage - we can design customized fixtures or test platforms according to customer needs.

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