Multi-coil Impedance Tester - 9332_48

Featured Product from Microtest Corporation

The PCB multi-coil impedance testing machine 9332 is the maximum efficiency detection solution for WPC wireless charging applications. With a precision four-wire impedance measurement mechanism, its impedance measurement frequency band may go up to 1MHz and is compliant with the working frequency required by Qi or PMA wireless charging association standards (205KHz by Qi and 304KHz by PMA).

The MICROTEST PCB multi-coil impedance testing machine 9332 enjoys a wide measurement range over the three major component electrical parameters: lower limit of resistance up to 1mΩ, inductance in the range of 0.1nH to 100H at an accuracy of 0.1% ± 1nH, and capacitance in the range of 0.01pF ~ 1F at an accuracy of 0.1%±1pF. In addition, it features a 48-point test for copper foil etching or silver printed winding coils to test up to 12 coils in one multi-row board to hugely outperform single channel LCR meters in terms of testing efficiency.

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