Fixed and Variable Time Delay Lines

Product Announcement from Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.

Fixed and Variable Time Delay Lines-Image

Wideband, Low Noise, RF Photonic Fixed and Variable Delay Lines.

The MPS RF and Microwave Photonic Delay Line product family includes are packaged in a compact, flange mount, self contained enclosure or 1RU / 3RU designs.

Compact Flange Mount Version:

Front panel LEDs provide a visual indication of the DC and Optical Power alarm status. The RF input and RF output ports are both SMA-Female 50Ω connectors and are position on opposite ends of the front panel. The Delay Line input power requirements are +12 to +15 VDC and is supplied via a front panel DB-9 connector. The Microwave Photonic Systems MP-5000-DL and MP- 6000-DL compact form factor can provide up to 12μsec delays within 1% accuracy of the customer specified fixed delay. Applications include Radar Target Simulation, Signal Processing, and Phase Noise Testing. Custom packaging options available including a 1U Rack Mountable Chassis Solution.

Rack Mount Mount Version:

3RU x 19" rack chassis, configurable with delays up to 500 us, and available options for all RF and optical connectors.Can be configured with multiple time delay segment values. The delay values of the segments can either be configured as discrete time delay values, or can be configured as a binary 2n series. The binary 2n series configuration provides the ability to select delay values over a broader range with smaller time increments. Delay values are visible on the front panel display and can be incremented through the use either the front panel key pad or remotely using the digital communications interface. Options available to integrate Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA) which allow the operator to balancing the system gain profile. Similar to the switch, the VOA is controlled by the front panel control keys or through the digital communications interface.


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