MIL SATCOM RF PHOTONIC L Transceiver Subsystem

Product Announcement from Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.

MIL SATCOM RF PHOTONIC L Transceiver Subsystem-Image

The OFW 7300 / IFL; L Band Fiber Optic Transceiver Subsystem provides " Best of Breed" optical long-haul transmission of RF signals in the frequency range of 950 MHz to 2250 MHz. The Subsystem can support the transmission of High Density L Band SATCOM traffic over distances of up to 50 km using Mil Tactical Harsh Environment singlemode interconnections.

The OFW 7300 / IFL utilizies a leading edge optical conversion process that is transparent to the User's data modulation rate and format. The Subsystem offers many performance advantages including an "Ultra-High Spur Free Dynamic Range, 10 MHz Frequency Reference Transport, Embedded Fault & Alarm Status Monitoring over Ethernet, and Harsh Environmental Temperature Range.

In addition, the OFW 7300 / IFL supports a list optional features that enhance SATCOM terminal operation: Uplink / 10 MHz RF Frequency Diplexed Transport, Downlink LNB powering, RF Link Gain Control, Optical Dynamic Range > 6 dBo, and Extended RF Frequency Range up to 3000 MHz.

The OFW 7300 / IFL can be packaged in various styles of form factors including: 1RU x 19" rack chassis, 4RU x 19" high-density plug-in card chassis, Harsh Environment / Outdoor Enclosures, and compact flange mount modules.


• WGS 84 MIL SATCOM / L Band

• Wideband RF Transmission

• VSAT Antenna Remoting

• L / S Band Telemetry Remoting

• MIL Tactical SATCOM Uplink \ Downlink


• Bandwidth, 950 to 2250 MHz (3000 MHz)

• RF Freq Refer: 1 MHz, 5 MHz to 10 MHz

• Ultra-High Spur Free High Dynamic Range

• Enhanced Low Noise RF Front-end (opt)

• RF Link Gain Control (opt)

• LNB Powering (opt)

• 80 km Extended Range (opt)