Optical Drop Cable / Optical Node Stub

Product Announcement from Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.

Optical Drop Cable / Optical Node Stub-Image

The MPS-1400 Optical Drop Cable / Optical Node Stub is a connectorized assembly that is used to connect a fiber feeder splice point to an optical receiver node or Optical Network Unit (ONU). This eliminates the need to field terminate optical connectors or splice pigtails at the node enclosure.

The optical drop cable comes fully assembled and consists of a CNC machined 5/8"-24 stainless steel feed-thru adapter with integrated strain relief, multi-fiber optical cable, fiber fan-out kit and optical connectors. This service entrance cable is available with a variety of connector styles, fiber counts, armored or non-armored cable and node types. Since these cables are specific to their installation application, we build them to your custom specifications at stock prices. As with every MPS assembly, each connector is tested, the cable is serialized and ships with a test record sheet specific to that cable.


  • Insertion & Return Loss Tested
  • Serialized & Individual Test Records
  • Cable Pull-Out Force > 450 lbs
  • Meets Telcordia & IEC Endface Geometry Requirements
  • Custom Configurations Available at No Extra Charge
  • One-year Warranty

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