Singlemode Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Product Announcement from Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.

Singlemode Wavelength Division Multiplexer-Image

The MPS-2700/8 is a Passive Optical Network (PON) Singlemode Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM) that provides a cost effective solution, for increasing fiber optic network signal capacity by enabling the simultaneous transmission of OLT and RF Overlay traffic over a common fiber. That is, the MPS-2700 works in such a way as to MUX or DeMUX optical signals within the OLT optical window of 1295 nm to 1500 nm and the RF Overlay optical window of 1550 nm to 1560 nm.

The WDM utilizes a micro-optic filter based technology to provide high performance, excellent environmental and mechanical stability in a compact package. The MPS-2700/8 is designed to provide high optical isolation between the OLT and RF Overlay channels. Refer to Page (2) for detailed specifications. The MPS-2700/8 is packaged in a standard 19" x 12" x 1RU chassis and provides a quantity of eight (8) separate channel interfaces to support high traffic applicaitons. The optical interface ports are industry standard SC/APC.

  • Micro-Optics Based Design
  • Epoxy free Optical Path
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Isolation
  • Environmentally Stable
  • Injection Molded Case


  • CATV Systems
  • Long Haul/Subscriber Loops
  • RF Fiber Optic Links
  • Optical test Labs
  • Optical Sensors


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