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Producing Cargo Covers with Heat Resistant Materials
Heat resistant cargo covers are widely implemented in the aerospace industry to ensure the safe and efficient transport of a range of goods. They are designed to maintain optimal product temperatures during transit, and to reduce the risk of catastrophic cargo fires by isolating potentially flammable goods.

This article will explore the production and availability of fire-proof cargo covers in more detail:

Cargo Covers from Mid-Mountain
Mid-Mountain cargo cover materials are comprised of highly flexible and durable materials with fire-retardant coatings capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 760°C (1400°F), with low heat release properties to ensure excellent thermal management in humid conditions.

Industrial textiles and fabrics woven with fiber reinforced polymers are ideal for use as cargo covers for products transported via aircraft due to their inherent malleability, their lightweight physical structure, and their excellent thermal efficiency. These faculties are optimized for transit through the application of durable coatings, such as silicone rubbers, on the inside and outside of the fabric. This protects against a manifold of issues which can arise during transportation, from abrasion to UV exposure. Cargo covers are subsequently used to transport an array of products around the world.

Benefits of Heat Resistant Cargo Covers
The fire-retardant properties of cargo covers are designed as a precautionary measure, in accordance with various international health and safety compliances. They are designed to mitigate safety concerns that may arise from the transportation of dangerous goods, flammable products with high burn temperatures, and less-volatile flammable cargo. It is important that all combustible products be industrially insulated, as the timeframe for the safe containment of cargo fires is extremely tight. Flight crews must respond to the threat of a cargo fire rapidly and efficiently, before disastrous damage and loss of life becomes a factor. Effective employment of cargo covers can radically improve these timeframes to potentially life-saving degrees.

Heat Resistant Materials from Mid-Mountain
Mid-Mountain produces cargo covers with exceptional thermal resistances by coating lightweight materials such as a flame-resistant fiberglass fabric with durable fabrics such as high-strength polymers. Our three primary coated fabric products suitable for cargo cover manufacture are:
?ARMATEX® SIF 24 and ARMATEX® SIF 28; flexible fiberglass fabrics coated with cured silicone rubber and intumescent. Both have a base fabric temperature rating of 538°C (1000°F), and are certified to MIL-I-24244, ASTM e84, ASTM E162, NFPA 101 Class A, and FAR 125.853 Vertical Burn Test
?ARMATEX® SF2 12-NF; a high-performance fiberglass fabric coated with an innovative polymer coating with exceptional dimensional stability. It has a temperature rating of 760°C (1400°F) and is certified to ASTM E84, ASTM E126, and FAR 25.853.

If you would like any more information about our heat resistant materials suitable for cargo cover applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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