Fire Resistant Fabrics for Pallet Covers

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Mid-Mountain Fire Resistant Fabrics for Pallet Covers
Mid-Mountain’s latest offering of flame-resistant fabrics for pallet covers was created as a direct response to the very real risk of sudden fires which have been known to break out in the transportation of dangerous goods.

Unfortunately, freight fires are more common than you may think, and, as such, we have worked tirelessly to manufacture a material that can mitigate the risk of a major blaze by containing a fire and keeping it separate from other potentially flammable fabrics.

With specifications serving the aerospace and aircraft industries in particular, our insulative and protective ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics offer peace of mind to airlines and cargo companies looking to deliver palletized goods without the fear of fire destroying products and endangering lives.

Pallet Covers: Making Sure There’s No Smoke With Fire
Our ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics designed for pallet covers to combat the spread of fire by isolating the blaze, starving it of its most vital element – oxygen – and choking it before it has begun to grow.

With the range of palleted products increasing to heavy electronic and electrical equipment containing wires and rechargeable elements, the sudden start and spread of fires continue to pose a prevalent and problematic concern.

At Mid-Mountain we pride ourselves on having the ability to predict potential hazards and a proactive aptitude to prevent disasters.  Our line of specialty  ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics are adaptable to a huge array of applications including pallet covers. ARMATEX® SF2 12 NF (No Flame) is particularly suitable for use in pallet covers.  Not only will it protect the inner contents but can contain a fire and the smoke it emits. This capability can save the surrounding cargo from total destruction.

Superior Properties of ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics for Pallet Covers
The lightweight and extremely flexible properties of fiberglass and polymer coating used in Mid-Mountain’s ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics for pallet covers provide a whole host of trafficable traits.

The strength that the fiberglass fortification gives to the pallet covers allows for superior durability without sacrificing any of the suppleness associated with fiberglass materials.

The application of a polymer coating solution gives your pallet covers a protective, corrosion-resistant layer that will contribute further to the pallet’s capacity to repel any unwanted invasion of the elements. In addition, the fabrics are weather and UV resistant, and will never change color due to sun or light exposure.

Pallet Covers for all Transportation Tasks
At Mid-Mountain, our wide range of ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics doesn’t limit our capability for customization. Using the tried and tested methods of design and development, our production team welcomes any requests for specified adjustments.

In addition to manufacturing material for pallet covers, our vertical integration gives us the capability to fabricate pallet covers for daily transportation tasks or manufacture more multi-purpose materials. We can fabricate covers that include additional features such as air-tight seals to perfectly preserve the cover’s contents.

Quality Control of your Contents
If your team is looking for a pallet cover configuration that can completely conserve your cargo, defending against adverse weather, extreme temperatures, potential fires, reactive chemicals, and airborne elements, Mid-Mountain has the solution suited to your requirements.

Our ARMATEX® Coated Fabrics with their concrete core of specialized weaves and fiber-filled composition cannot be bettered on lifespan, strength, and adaptability.

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