Retrofit Controls

Product Announcement from Milacron LLC

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Allen-Bradley Retrofit Control

Allen-Bradley retrofit control systems from Milacron offer injection molding companies in the U.S. and Canada a cost-effective way to breathe new life into old machines. The Allen-Bradley line is renowned for its functionality, ease of use and high-performance control.

Milacron works with customers to incorporate advanced Allen-Bradley retrofit systems into a wide range of hydraulic injection molding machines - those manufactured by Milacron and others. Allen-Bradley control systems come with the same functionality and reliability of other controls, but cost about 40 percent less, depending on machine size. Choosing the Allen Bradley retrofit system will enhance old machines, allowing for unprecedented energy savings, maximum traceability and reliability and upgrades to enable new applications.

With the machinery and applications expertise of the Milacron installation team, the retrofit process can be completed onsite without having to ship equipment. The Allen-Bradley's compact design allows it to fit easily into most existing control cabinets.

Smaller versions of the Allen-Bradley system are often installed on auxiliary equipment, making all controls in a molder's plant completely compatible and giving molders the ability to monitor all machines from a central system. Some of the additional features include:

  • User interface: 6.5" TFT Display, keypad / touch screen, with 15" color optional
  • I/O screens for maintenance troubleshooting
  • Screw RPM indication
  • Mold data storage: 25 (additional optional)
  • Ethernet connection - fast for quicker screen updates
  • Easy to use interface layout - screens can be customized to your needs
  • Core options available - (user defined, software only)
  • Programmable ejectors sequences (optional)
  • Robot interface (optional)
  • Closed loop injection (optional)
  • New linear transducers for better accuracy (optional)
  • Standard "off the shelf" components

Siemens Retrofit Control

Plastics processing technologies leader Milacron is now offering an upgraded Siemens retrofit controller system, continuing to build Milacron's reputation as a strong retrofit partner in Mexico and Latin America. With greater settings memory and improved control, economical Siemens control systems give molders the opportunity to improve molding machine performance, reliability and repeatability.

Well-known in the Mexican market - particularly for their excellent maintenance track record - Siemens controls are built for a wide-range of horizontal and vertical hydraulic injection molding machines, including those made by Milacron and others. When retrofitting a machine with a controller such as Siemens, Milacron extends the life of the machine by upgrading portions of the hydraulic system to give closed-loop control, such as on a new proportional valve.

Siemens controllers come with Milacron's proven customer service and maintenance expertise. Additional features include:

  • User interface: 10-inch, full-color touch panel, Spanish/English screens
  • Temperature control with high/low alarm
  • Proportional and servo valve controller
  • Position and pressure transducer
  • Injection/backpressure pressure graphic display
  • AC / DC SSR solenoids output
  • 3 levels of password access for up to 8 user passwords
  • Measure system in metric and English
  • Mold data storage: 50
  • Multiple stroke hydraulic ejector
  • Multiple ancillary control options including core pull, robot interface, air eject, hot runners, valve gates and more
  • I / O display
  • USB frontal port for screen capture
  • Automatic lube system controller