MIL-STD-1553B Bus Couplers with TRS Connectors

Featured Product from MilesTek Corporation

These new box-style bus couplers feature TRS subminiature connectors which are a smaller alternative to the standard TRB connector. This new line offers models with one through eight stub options and models with single, double or no bus jacks. Furthermore, these RoHS and REACH compliant bus couplers feature a transformer ratio of 1.41:1 with stub resistor values of 59 Ohm, 2W, 1%.

As more of our military and government customers are requiring products that are RoHS compliant, we have been adding new products to address this need. Unlike our competitors in the marketplace, we stock these new ROHS bus couplers for same-day shipping, avoiding the 6-8 week lead times typically offered by other suppliers.