Temperature Sensor Assemblies

Featured Product from Minco

Assemblies are available with spring loaded sensors, fast-responding copper tip sensors, high temperature sensors, high pressure fittings, rugged connection heads, transmitters for 4-20mA or HART signals and protective thermowells for high pressure and flow applications. Hazardous area assemblies are certified as an entire assembly for most comprehensive protection. Available temperature sensor assemblies features include

  • High accuracy and high repeatability Minco platinum RTD sensing elements
  • Minco’s innovative adjustable spring-loaded or compression fittings
  • Temperature maximums of 500 or 1022 degrees F
  • Standard industrial or hazardous area approved connection heads
  • Hazardous area approvals that include FM, ATEX and IECEx options
  • Thermowell protection for high flow rates and pressures
  • Temperature transmitter to convert sensor output to 4-20mA or HART signals
  • Rugged sensor assemblies that provide fast, accurate and repeatable temperature measurements in machinery or process applications