Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilators

Product Announcement from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating

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Mitsubishi Electric has responded to the growing need for total, integrated management of building HVAC and indoor air quality by making it easier to interlock and control Lossnay® energy recovery ventilators with their air-conditioning systems.

Improved sound attenuation makes Lossnay units quiet enough for places where silence is a must such as meeting rooms and libraries.

A free-cooling function is standard to help reduce costs and boost efficiency. The integrated bypass damper design makes installation and system management quick and efficient.
Lossnay nergy Recovery Ventilators

  • Maintain an adequate supply of outside ventilation air while reducing energy costs.
  • Reduce extremes in humidity that can encourage mold growth.
  • Remove dangerous gases, bacteria, and other airborne impurities from conditioned spaces.
  • Full enthalpy heat exchange with minimal moving parts in the heat recovery process: No wheels to stop turning so outside air is always preconditioned and available.
  • Temperature energy recovery efficiencies up to 75% heating.
  • Enthalpy recovery efficiencies as high as 69% heating and 53% cooling.
  • Improved sound attenuation makes Lossnay® units quiet enough for places where silence is a must, such as meeting rooms and libraries.
  • Available with up to .50" external static pressure.
  • Can be integrated into CITY MULTI Controls Network.