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The Mobius Way
How we can help you achieve your goals

Your future will be bright if you learn how to succeed as a vibration analyst. You will save your employer money by reducing downtime, and you will make yourself more valuable if you are able to make accurate, timely recommendations. But how do you get there from here?

Training is the key to success. But we believe there are two keys to successful training: content and time.

  • Content: We have invested heavily to develop 3D animations and innovative software simulators that make vibration analysis concepts and procedures so much easier to understand. Imagine spending time in a class where the most common thought is "Ah, now I understand!". The simulators demonstrate exactly how the data collectors process the signals; they demonstrate exactly how sidebands and harmonics are created; they demonstrate exactly what resonances are; they demonstrate exactly how bearings and gears and motors vibrate under various fault conditions - and so much more. You cannot believe the difference - the difference to your confidence when you can make decisions based on what you understand - not just what you were told.
  • Time: It does take time for new concepts and practices to become second nature. Our courses are longer than most, even though our simulators allow us to cover topics more quickly. To make sure you get the most out of the course, we provide membership to our Learning Center the moment you register for the course. If you spend some time going through the iLearnVibration narrated slides, you will get far more from the course. And your membership continues for six months after the course; just in case there are any questions that pop into your mind after the course. You can always read our excellent manuals, but we know you will learn much more via the Learning Center.

Mobius Institute Training
The same high standard around the world!

Mobius has offices in Australia and the USA, and we have established partnerships in 25 other countries. Our partners have been accredited by us to use our special Mobius Institute "iTeachVibration" course simulators, slides and material. Only accredited Mobius Institute Training Partners can use the new material, and deliver our exams.

Public or on-site courses

Our instructors are the best in the world. They have all been trained on the advanced Mobius method, and they all have years of training and practical field experience.

But what makes us unique is our professional slides, classroom activities, and our library of software simulators. The simulators revolutionize the training room. Instead of requiring endless discussion and diagrams to explain the range of complex concepts and procedures, the simulators (and 3D animations) make it all crystal clear in a fraction of the time.

And we should not forget the classroom activities. Rather than just listening to the instructor, you are able to participate in activities that help you learn more, and to assess how much you have learned. If you struggle with the activities then you can simply discuss the topics with your instructor - it is better to find out what you don't know while you are still in the classroom than you are back at work (or during the exam).

You'll be amazed what you will understand and remember as a result of attending one of our classes.

The learning never ends

Too many people have left training courses only to forget much of what they have learned. At best they have taken away a book of notes or technical papers (which is rarely used). If only you could take the instructor with you... Well, now you can!

In addition to our course book and handy reference guide, you keep your iLearnVibration classroom-edition CD. Thousands of people in over 75 countries use iLearnVibration for refresher training and as an essential reference. Whenever questions come to mind, or you are struggling with a diagnosis, just jump into iLearnVibration and find the answers you need.

Training and certification follows the ISO 18436-2 standard

And don't forget that we offer courses with exams that follow the ISO 18436-2 standard and ASNT recommended practice. While certification exams can be stressful events, you need to put the odds in your favor; study before the course and attend a course that uses simulations that make everything easier to understand.

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