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Double Edge Track: Parallelism for Linear Systems

Featured Product from Modern Linear Incorporated

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Modern Linear Double Edge Track offers a variety of benefits for a wide array of applications.  Compared to single edge track, double track offers many advantages.


Compact : Two v-edges are incorporated into a single steel section.  Double Edge Track can be mounted continuously with center drilled holes or at each end for minimal machining and fasteners.

Rigidity: The larger cross-section of the Double Edge Track creates a more rigid part, reducing deflection under load.  This design facilitates the ability to end mount.

Integration to Machine Frame: The inherent rigidity of the track allows it to also act as a part of the machine frame.  This can reduce frame components and reduce machine footprint.

Span Gaps: The rigidity and ability to act as a functioning member of the machine frame, simplifies overall machine design and reduces catch points for debris in contaminated applications.

Contaminated Environments: V-groove roller technology is the preferred choice for applications in contaminated environments.  The wiping nature of the rollers on the v-edge track, and the ability to end-mount the Double Edge Track, create a simple, reliable, and effective linear design.

Component or System: Double track can be designed as a component (track, rollers, bushings) for the most versatility, or as part of a system (Rail, carriage).  Track can be specified with a matching spacer and double track carriages are pre-assembled, ready to slide onto the track.  Carriages are also available with integrated felt lubricators.


Installation Compared to Single Edge Track

Easy: Fewer parts needed and elimination of assuring parallel v-edges, simplifies installation.

Quick: Easy installation allows for quicker assembly, lowering overall cost.

Low Cost: Low cost is the goal of every aspect of machine design and assembly.



Track: Double Edge Track is available in 1045 steel with v-edges hardened to 49-55 Rc.  It is available in 4 sizes that correspond to Modern Linear v-groove rollers in lengths up to 12 feet.

Rail: Companion spacers are offered with Double Edge Track to add support for continuously mounted applications.

Linear Guide: Mating carriage is offered to reduce components and facilitate machine assembly.