Brushless DC Outside Rotor Motors

Featured Product from Moog Inc.

Moog's brushless DC motor capabilities provide solutions in a wide variety of applications. These motors are designed for use in high-speed, continuous operation applications, where they operate with low noise levels, low heat and high reliability. Electronic commutation ensures exceptionally long life and speed control over a broad range. Efficiencies of 80-90% are achievable. We can custom design these motors to meet your specific motor requirements. They are available as housed units and rotor / stator part sets.

Benefits Include:

  • Operate over a wide range of speeds; not limited to AC frequency
  • Extremely quiet operation with long life capability
  • Precise, variable speed control
  • Motor life is not limited to brush or commutator life
  • Efficient operation without losses associated with brushes and commutation or armature induction

Applications Include:

  • Medical equipment (pumps, blowers, others)
  • HVAC systems (air handling equipment)
  • Industrial automation
  • Scanners
  • Office automation equipment