Linear Motors Offering Precision, Speed, & Control

Featured Product from Moog Inc.

Moog's linear motors offer an advantage over current technology in weight, size, maintenance costs, environmental considerations, precision, speed, control, programmability, reliability and noise.

Moog offers the motion control industry an attractive alternative to hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical power sources for linear motion control. Moog linear motors are easy to install and integrate. Position and force are fully programmable and there is no backlash or fluid compressibility to compromise position accuracy.


  • Encoders with 0.1 μm resolution, optical and Hall types available
  • High force motors up to 2,000 lbf [9 kN] force
  • Light duty motors for lower force applications with same durable and rugged construction
  • Fan cooled and liquid cooled options for maximum performance
  • Custom designs for any application
  • Available as a component in a complete system solution that includes brushless linear motors, drives, motion controllers, cabling, filters and accessories


  • Maximize positional accuracy while minimizing maintenance costs
  • Easy installation
  • Rugged and durable design with a single moving part ensures consistent and dependable operation
  • Long lasting operation for years of service with minimal downtime
  • Versatility achieved through factory or on-site programming for initial commissioning and changing customer requirements
  • Precise control for any required position, velocity or force profile
  • Controllable and variable force at any point during operation (dependent upon drive selection)
  • Built-in thermal and fault detection enables system protection and increases effective service life

Typical Applications

  • Robotics and factory automation
  • Processing equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Pumping / dispensing
  • Material / product testing
  • Machine tools
  • Textile (tufting equipment)
  • Paper converting
  • Transfer equipment
  • Automation welding

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