MDX Series Integrated Servo Motors

Featured Product from Moons' Electric Co. Ltd.

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MDX Series Integrated Servo Motors, Frame Size: 60mm, IP20 or IP65 Rating, have reduced the total length of the motor by about 20%, Support the control modes, such as Pulse & Direction Mode, Analog Torque/Velocity, Velocity Control, Torque Control,SCL, Q Programming, Modbus RTU, ect. And there are three kinds of high precision planetary reducers as options for your choice (Reduction ratio 10:1, 20:1, 40:1)
  • Space-saving Design
  • IP20 or IP65 Rating
  • Q Programming
  • With CANbus (CiA 301 & CiA 402) or RS-485 Interface
  • High Position Accuracy & Excellent Control Characteristics
  • Support Basic Control Modes such as Position, Velocity and Torque
  • Easy to Parameterize by PC Software


The MDX series, integrated servo motors are used to create decentralized motion control solutions in very compact units. They consist of a servo motor, feedback sensor and drive/controller system. They are controlled via a communication bus, or I/O interface (Q Program). The integrated servo motor is designed with a synchronous servo motor, thus providing numbers possibilities for user in a wide variety of applications.

? Features Overview

  • IP20 and IP65 protection
  • Q Programming, Program Storage
  • With CANbus (CiA 301 & CiA 402) or RS-485 interface
  • High position accuracy and excellent control characteristics
  • Basic mode such as position, velocity and torque are easy to parameterization.
  • PC-software easy to use for parameterization.

? Space-saving design (Unit:mm)

In our pursuit of making compact and space-saving design, we have reduced the length of the motor by about 20% ,thus allowing for mounting within the equipment with limited installation space.

? Waterproof and dustproof

MDX series integrated servo motors have IP65 rating high waterproof and dustproof characteristics.

? Freely Q Programming

Q Programmer is MOONS’ own single-axis motion control software based on SCL commands. It can create sophisticated and functional programs that can be saved to a drive’s nonvolatile memory, and then runs stand-alone, or without a permanent connection to the host. Q drives offer a high level of flexibility and functionality to the machine designer and system integrator.

• Motion control commands
(relative position, absolute position, homing mode, etc.)
• Multi-tasking
• Conditional processing
(external I/O, internal command)
• Math calculation
(+, -, *, /, &, or)
• Data register manipulation

• Logic motion command(loop, call functions)

? Easy setup and Servo tuning

  • Using MDX Quick Tuner software to drive set-up and configuration
  • Friendly interface
  • Easy set-up
  • Built in oscilloscope for motion testing and monitoring
  • Write and save SCL scripts
  • On-line help integrated

? Fieldbus Control

Standard CAN bus interfaces are available in MDX series, which make it easily to get integrated to a industrial field bus.