0~±1500V Adjustable Output——HO1-P(N)xxxxH-0.5C(D)

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Product Introduction

The HO1-P (N) xxxxH-0.5C and HO1-P (N) xxxxH-0.5D series are products designed and developed by MORNSUN to meet the application requirements of generating high voltage in the power system and requiring high output voltage stability.

Those products has no-load input current as low as 8mA, and the output voltage is continuously and linearly adjustable 0~  ±1250V, 0 ~ ±1500V. The operating temperature range is -25 ºC to 71 ºC. The product is packaged in a Six-sided metal shielding package with its output ripple as low as 10mVpp. And the EMI performance is excellent, the radiated emission passes Class B without external components, and for conducted emission, the product can pass Class B only adding a 10uF chip capacitor.

Product Application

It can be widely used in photomultiplier, avalanche diode, mass spectrum, spectrum, electron beam, ion beam, and other high-voltage condition.

Product Features

  • Automated production process
  • Low no-load input current Vin =12V: 8mA (typ.), Vin=15V:10mA (typ.)
  • Low Ripple & Noise, Vin=12V:10mVpp(typ.),Vin=15V:15mVpp(typ.)
  • Continuous output voltage with linear adjustable?0~±1250V?0~±1500V
  • Operating temperature range:-25ºC to 71ºC   
  • Input reverse polarity protection, control voltage over-voltage protection, output over-current protection, output short-circuit protection
  • Six-sided metal shielding package
  • Radiated mission passes Class B without external components