7kV withstand voltage current transducer TLA300S

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Introduction of Current transducer TLA300S

In the power supply system, large working current occurs in abnormal condition will affect the power supply and even damage the whole system in serious cases. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system, a current transducer is often used to monitor the status of working current, isolate and transmit the current signal to the main control system. When the power supply is working normally, it can monitor the status of the power supply in real time. When the power supply current is abnormal, it can feed back current signal to the main control system timely. The main control system recognizes the anomaly, sends a signal to turn off the power supply and sends out an alarm signal to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system timely.

Based on the application of electroplating power supply, MORNSUN has developed the Hall-type current transducer TLA300-S with high accuracy, fast response and high reliability using Hall sampling, closed-loop compensation, zero residual magnetism and structural optimization. TLA300-S can accurately measure DC flux, AC flux and excitation flux within the full bandwidth and effectively collect the measured current signal to facilitate the monitoring, acquisition and protection of the user system. TLA300-S features a bandwidth up to 100KHz, ensures measurement accuracy and zero insertion loss.

Application of Current transducer TLA300S

TLA300-S adopts disk structure, which is convenient to fix with bolts, and can be widely used in welding power supply, UPS power supply, battery power supply, switching power supply, motion control, AC frequency conversion and other fields.

Features of Current transducer TLA300S

  • Linearity up to 0.1%
  • Accuracy up to 0.8%
  • Bandwidth up to 100kHz
  • Response time of 1μs
  • Measuring range of 0~±300A?max measuring overload of 600A
  • No insertion loss
  • Power frequency withstand voltage up to 7kV
  • Hall effect closed-loop compensation
  • High immunity to the voltage symmetry of the power supply