80-305VAC Open-frame Power Supply LO10-13Bxx

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Introduction of LO10-13Bxx

MORNSUN 3W,5W,15W,30W,45W,65W power range of LOxx-10Bxx has received a solid reputation for its powerful performance and cost-effective since its launch. In order to meet the requirement for wide input in different applications, the newest LO10-13Bxx series of 85-305VAC wide input voltage is launched.

LO10-13Bxx features the input range of 85 - 305VAC/100 - 430VDC, operating temperature of -25ºC to 70ºC, and compact size of 60*42*19mm. EMI meets CLASS B, and it is designed to meet CE/CB/UL62368?CE/UL60335 standard. In addition, it also has output short circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection.

Application of LO10-13Bxx

It is widely used in communication industrial control, office and civil applications and so on.

Typical application: Air Ventilation Recycle System

Features of LO10-13Bxx

  • Universal input voltage range: 85 - 305VAC/100 - 430VDC
  • Operating temperature range: -25ºC to 70ºC
  • High power density: 2.5*1.8 inch
  • EMI meets CLASS B
  • Designed to meet CE/CB/UL62368?CE/UL60335
  • Output short circuit, over-current & over-voltage protection