Interlocked Construction for Long Service Life

Product Announcement from Morris Coupling Company

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Metal Flexible Hose and Custom-Fabricated Interlocked Hose Assemblies

General Purpose Metal Flex Hose

This unlined general purpose hose features interlocked construction formed from a single metal strip. The balanced interlocking manufacturing process provides for maximum flexibility and longest service life.

Pressure and vacuum capabilities may be easily enhanced by the selection of an appropriate packing material.

The unlined metal flex-hose is available in various alloys, metal strip thicknesses and in diameters from 1-1/2" through 8" I.D.

Interlocked hose is available in any length and can be provided in bulk or fabricated assemblies.

Morris Coupling offers a 70 year commitment to serve our customers with quality products and superior service unequaled in the pneumatic and vacuum conveying industries.

Founded in 1941, Morris began its entry into pneumatic conveying through its design and introduction of the industry's first compression coupling - still the standard of the industry after more than 60 years. Superior quality, unequaled service and an unending commitment to total customer satisfaction has firmly established Morris as the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of components for pneumatic conveying systems.

Morris' significant growth over the years has been driven by an enhanced product offering, tremendous customer loyalty and outstanding employee dedication. A family-owned company with its corporate headquarters in Erie, PA, Morris Coupling has manufacturing facilities in Erie and Knoxville, TN, as well as distribution warehouses in Canada and Europe.


  • Couplings
  • Hose
  • Tubing and Pipe
  • Installation Components


When you want Superior Service Morris Coupling delivers:

  • Corporate commitment to providing 100% on-time shipments
  • Knowledgeable and conscientious sales team determined to meet your requirements
  • Extensive product range to satisfy your pneumatic, vacuum, and carrier pneumatic requirements
  • Continuing technological and process improvements enable Morris to supply the highest quality components
  • Morris will continue to ensure your competitive edge by monitoring and controlling product cost


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