EPT Series Adjustable Click Wrench

Featured Product from Mountz, Inc.

The EPT Series is an adjustable click wrench by Mountz Torque. Designed to accurately provide proper torque control, these wrenches are built with high quality materials, which reduces the frequency for maintenance and repairs costs. These cost effective click wrenches are durable and robust for a wide variety of industrial and maintenance bolting applications.

The EPT is an adjustable click wrench that provides different setting options for applications that require more than one torque value. The adjustable wrench features an external adjustment torque scale, which allows an operator to quickly adjust the torque setting on the tool as needed for different applications. The EPT wrench offers an easy-to-read dual scale system (American & S.I.) with a laser marked scale along the body tube section of the wrench. The robust tool is ideal for field service, maintenance and production applications.

The EPT wrench features a lightly knurled non-slip grip. Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the accuracy and repeatability requirements of ISO6789, Mountz offers various  models that range from  20 inch-pounds up to 750 foot-pounds

Designed with durable all-steel construction and a corrosion-resistant finish, these metal handle click wrenches are suitable for various industries like construction, automotive, chemical, nuclear, energy and other industrial environments. Click wrenches are the most widely used torque product in the world. When the set torque is reached, the tool typically emits a loud audible "click." The operator can feel the impulse from the tool and most break about 3 degrees after the set torque is reached and then become positive. Proper use and training is required so that operators stop pulling the moment the click sound is heard or felt. Resetting of the tool takes place when the hand pressure is released. Work can then immediately continue on the next fastener.

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