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How the Best Preset Torque Wrenches Make Assembly Lines More Productive
Manufacturing companies must meet high standards for product quality. Products manufactured on assembly lines must be identical. However, fastening every bolt in every product to the same degree is difficult, if not impossible, for an employee to do without mechanical aids. This variability in fastening results demands the intervention of a tool which can control the amount of torque it applies to a fastener. So, the torque wrench. Using a torque wrench, any employee can apply the exact amount of force a fastener needs, every time.
That’s the basic idea. However, there’s more to it than that. Yes, employees fastening on assembly lines need to use torque wrenches in order to consistently meet production standards. But how do you find the best torque wrench to use on the assembly line? And why does it matter? What makes one torque wrench any better or worse than another?

How the Best Torque Wrenches Improve Market Share
First, why does it matter? The short answer: the competition. Some manufacturers compete for contracts. Other manufacturers compete for market share for their products. The most efficient, effective factories will get the best contracts and win the most market share. Less efficient factories will pull in less desirable contracts, and their products will lose market share. The least efficient factories won’t be able to generate enough revenue to sustain their business.

Finding the right torque wrench for an assembly makes the process more efficient. For one, choosing the right torque wrench can improve production times. By selecting preset wrenches over adjustable wrenches, manufacturers can eliminate the time spent adjusting, checking, or resetting torque values. This might save a few seconds per product, but when you’re assembling thousands of products a day, those seconds add up. 

In addition, choosing the right torque wrench can reduce the rate of lost product. Torque wrenches from reputable manufacturers are proven to deliver dependable results. The right torque wrench will consistently deliver torque within its stated margin of error. Shoddy or poorly engineered torque wrenches may not do so. This increases the likelihood of inaccurate fastening, requiring additional quality assurance checks. 

Likewise, if you use lower-quality torque tools, then you will need additional time set aside for tool calibration checks. The more tools are found out of calibration, the less will be available for manufacturing. Additionally, standard practice is to halve calibration intervals for each tool found out of alignment. As more tools are found out of alignment, testing must be conducted more frequently. Repair or replacement costs will mount as well. As goes the adage: buy cheap, buy twice. 

How to Decide on the Best Preset Torque Wrench for Assembly Lines
In many ways, the best torque wrench for a given assembly line depends on the specifics of that assembly line. How large are the fasteners? What degree of accuracy is needed? Does the assembly require special characteristics, like insulation?

There are currently three types of preset hand torque wrenches on the market: click wrenches, break-over wrenches, and cam-over wrenches. Click wrenches provide power and can handle large fasteners. They alert their operator when torque is reached with an audible, somatic “click.” Break-over wrenches can handle nearly any type of fastener head. While not as powerful as click wrenches, they are more accurate, as they deflect 20-90 degrees when torque is reached. This physically prevents operators from applying too much torque. 

Engineered to prevent fastening failures, the cam-over torque wrench stops a fastener or bolt from being under- or over-tightened. As a quality control tool, the torque wrench allows any user to deliver the correct torque with confidence, regardless of the task or the operator’s skill level. 

High-quality preset torque wrenches for assembly lines will meet all relevant national and international standards for calibration reliability. The best torque wrenches will exceed them. 

As we know in today’s world of choose-your-own-facts, it’s not enough to take someone’s word that a tool performs—we must look to the test results. Before believing that a tool meets or exceeds standards, look at how the tool has been tested. The best torque wrenches will have been tested significantly both in the laboratory and under years of field conditions. 

Additionally, tool manufacturers who are certain of the reliability of their tools will offer sound warranty programs. The best torque tools on the market will have an end-to-end warranty, covering up to two years. They will also have a lifetime warranty covering manufacturer’s defects. Proud manufacturers stand behind their products. 

Choosing the best preset torque tool for an assembly line can make a large difference in productivity and quality. High-quality torque tools will reduce lost product and suffer minimal tool downtime. Selecting preset over adjustable torque tools can help save time adjusting or checking tools, as well as preventing accidental mishaps. The best hand torque tools will be accurate, reliable, and guaranteed under warranty. 

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