How Smart is Your Manufacturing Process?

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Optimize your Assembly Process and Improve Efficiency with Smart Manufacturing Solutions
Smart torque control systems enable manufacturing managers to fine-tune all aspects of the assembly process. Manufacturers can create automated fastening workflows and use adaptive fastening strategies to reduce errors during manufacturing.

Along with improving workflows, smart tools can help streamline the assembly process. A single intelligent electric screwdriver system can replace up to 15 power tools reducing clutter and optimizing workbench set up.

To add a layer of automation and error-proofing, implement using a position control torque arm with your smart system to help ensure assembly tools are being used correctly. Manufacturing personnel can use the complete assembly system to run down fasteners in the proper sequence. If the sequence is not completed within the set parameters, the smart device will not clear - alerting the operator of a possible error.  

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As The Torque Tool Specialists® we have experienced a breadth of manufacturing environments and gathered a range of perspectives. We are happy to share what we have learned over the years to help our colleagues and customers find the best torque solutions for your business. More than just a physical force, torque is a means for increasing your operational success. Dig in to discover how.


Keeping your operations moving is a complex task. Time is precious and you need repairs and calibration done quickly; that is our commitment to you. We make sure every service and repair request we work on meets our exceptional safety standards.

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