Mountz's New FGC Cam-Over Torque Wrench

Featured Product from Mountz, Inc.

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Mountz, The Torque Tool Specialist ®, introduces the next generation in cam-over wrench technology. Engineered and assembled in Silicon Valley, the FGC line of precision preset cam-over wrenches are the most advanced torque wrenches for high-level process and quality control. The wrench’s repeatability, traceability, and precision will prevent tightening failures.

Surpassing the ISO 6789 standard of 5,000 cycles before re-calibration, the FGC wrenches stay in calibration 2X longer than the stringent industry standard and deliver an unprecedented wrench calibration life with 10,000 cycles. Mountz FGC torque wrenches are constructed from high-quality materials, designed for superior reliability and safety, and backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Engineered with a cam-over technology, the poka-yoke wrench prevents over-torque. The wrench uses an internal cam-over mechanism to physically prevent the operator from over-torquing fasteners by slipping, or disengaging once torque is reached. Even if an operator tries to use the tool on the same fastener after it has slipped, the tool will simply slip again, refusing to deliver more torque than specified. The Mountz cam-over technology increases the consistency of torque delivered and joint reliability.

Safeguarding against fastening failures, this error-proofing wrench removes the operator’s influence out of the torque equation and delivers an accurate and repeatable fastening result than a standard click type wrench. A manufacturer can provide the FGC cam-over wrench to any operator and have the confidence that he/she will deliver the correct torque, time after time.

The FGC is a preset cam-over torque wrench that improves productivity by guaranteeing that the correct torque value is consistently applied to each fastener. Preset cam-over wrenches are ideal for fastening applications where operators repeatedly assemble parts at the same torque setting. The preset wrench does not feature an external adjustment scale. These tools have an internal torque adjustment mechanism that must be preset using a torque tester. The locking mechanism prevents incidental adjustments or the operator tampering with the torque setting. Once the tool is set the wrench’s end cap is sealed with a calibration sticker and ready to be used for tightening fasteners. 

The FGC features a cushion, non-slip ergonomic grip that improves the operator’s efficiency by reducing discomfort, fatigue, and risk of injury. Manufactured with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel head, Mountz offers various models covering a torque range capacity from 8.9 inch-pounds up to 92.2 foot-pounds.

As “the torque tool specialists“, Mountz has a fifty-five-year history of bold thinking and a 100% focus on the torque that delivers confidence at every turn. From the development of the first electronic torque analyzer that launched a new product category, Mountz has always pursued new torque innovations, like cam-over technology, to help our customers optimize precision, accuracy, and quality across their manufacturing processes. Quality is at the heart of everything we do.