TORQUE ARMS help to Prevent Workplace Injuries

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Ergonomic Solutions To Prevent Workplace Injuries
Providing ergonomic solutions for your assembly line workers lessens fatigue, prevents injuries, and boosts productivity. Because your workers can complete jobs more comfortably, they'll be happier, and happy workers are more likely to be engaged and less likely to make mistakes. Mountz torque arms take the weight off a tool operator's shoulders so they can guide the tool instead of lifting it, reducing the likelihood of repetitive motion injuries. Torque arms can even absorb the vibrations from power tools. Mobile and flexible, torque arms find a place even in tight workstations and can be reconfigured to take on new assignments. Mountz torque arms help make factories great places to work.


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As The Torque Tool Specialists® we have experienced a breadth of manufacturing environments and gathered a range of perspectives. We are happy to share what we have learned over the years to help our colleagues and customers find the best torque solutions for your business. More than just a physical force, torque is a means for increasing your operational success. Dig in to discover how.


Keeping your operations moving is a complex task. Time is precious and you need repairs and calibration done quickly; that is our commitment to you. We make sure every service and repair request we work on meets our exceptional safety standards.

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Mountz, Inc. provides torque arms and the tools to equip them for any assembly line or manufacturing facility. To find out how Mountz can deliver the precision your assembly operations demand, shop our store