Tool Balancers & Retractors

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The Mountz tool balancers provide easy handling for operators that work with tools for long, continuous hours. The balancers allow tools to be positioned over the work station for comfortable operation and can be used with pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or other tools. Mountz offers an assortment of ergonomic tool balancers.

Mountz offers an assortment of ergonomic tool balancers for various applications:

Zero Gravity Tool Balancers (weight capacity ranges of 1.1-264 lbs)
Designed to provide gravity-defying – “true balance”. These models are compact and durable. Wide range of models that can handle small tools and larger, heavier tools.


Retractor Tool Balancers (weight capacity ranges of 1.1-11 lbs)
This style balancer is the most commonly used balancer. The tension of the balancer can easily be adjusted by hand with the adjustment knob on the side.


Hose Reel Tool Balancers (weight capacity ranges of 1.1-11 lbs)
Durable Hose Reel balancers are designed for small pneumatic tools. Integrating the air hose and support cable keeps the work area clean.


Tool Positioner Balancer (weight capacity ranges of  1 -12 lbs)
A small, lightweight tool positioner that allows tools to be positioned over a work area for comfortable operation.

When planning a production area, it pays dividends for manufacturers in the long term to plan the ergonomics of the operation and consult a health and safety inspector or ergonomic manager. Ensuring both the workplace and the assembly operation are compatible with the majority of operators that handle the assembly tools, reduces future costs arising from work-related health disorders among operators, along with costs arising from poor product quality.

Using an ergonomic tool balancer makes a safer world through accuracy and precision. Browse the Mountz selection of tool balancers for your manufacturing application.