Transducerized Smart Electric Screwdrivers

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Transducerized Smart Electric Screwdrivers

Solving fastening problems is about controlling variables or eliminating potential risks that create an unwanted fastening event. Error-proofing is the quickest path to zero defects and serves as a critical enabler for efficient manufacturing.

Mountz's all-in-one torque control system expedites all aspects of the automation process, from installing error-proofing disciplines to adaptive fastening strategies.

• Error-proof the fastening process • Programmable fastening sequences and workflows • Data collection - record and store torque and fastening data • Single automation fastening system replaces up to 15 power tools • Achieve multiple fastening tasks with one tooling system • Digital I/O allows interfacing with a machine & PLC interface for line control • Transducerized Tool - traceability, superior accuracy and precision • Free product software —

no annual licensing required — savings of $2K Safeguarding against fastening failures requires deploying tools equipped with error-proofing capabilities that track each screw the tools fasten.

Smart Screwdriver Options

• In-line Electric Screwdrivers • Pistol Grip Electric Screwdrivers • Right Angle Electric Screwdrivers • Robotic Electric Screwdrivers • Pistol Grip Battery Screwdrivers • Right Angle Battery Screwdrivers Eliminate product rework and warranties by adding an error-proofing tool and process to the manufacturing line Product Resources Webinar: Five error-proofing process techniques

Case Study: Error-proofing & data collection processs

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