Consulting Services

Service Detail from MuShield Company, Inc. (The)

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We have had countless opportunities to provide initial design assistance for new products which has enabled our customers to significantly shorten their design cycle. In some cases, a formal contract for this service is appropriate as it is the most cost effective and least time consuming alternative to shield design. In other cases, a quick study of the shield design you have created will enable us to guide you as you develop your product for production.

You may find it helpful for us to give you our perspective on a complicated shield you have designed for production. Our manufacturing experience enables us to look at a part from a production stand point, and to offer suggestions for improving cost efficiencies.

On occasion, MuShield is asked to visit a customer site for formal consulting on an electromagnetic interference problem. In cases such as these, we are contracted to provide a suggested solution, complete engineering drawings, and prototypes as necessary.

In order to concentrate on the areas in which we are most skilled, MuShield has elected not to become involved with shielding rooms from EMI. We are familiar with several highly respected companies that will provide this service, and we would be pleased to speak with you about them.