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There is a story behind every shielding application. Our favorite is working with the scientists at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. Contracted by NASA to design and build atomic clocks for space exploration, the people at SAO have the opportunity to test Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Our role has been to provide them with some carefully constructed shields that are used to maintain the precision of the atomic clocks. Working with minds like this is an honor, as is every opportunity to create a shield design that works.

Our expertise lies in understanding the science of magnetic shielding and providing design and fabrication solutions for a wide range of applications. Typical sources of interference include permanent magnets, transformers, motors, solenoids, cables, and the Earth's magnetic field. In operation, a magnetic shield both absorbs and diverts magnetic flux by providing a path around the sensitive area. In addition, shielding is used to contain the magnetic field generated by a device.

MuShield is fortunate to have on its staff several design engineers with extensive experience in the field of magnetic shielding. In many cases two design minds are better than one, and we work as a team to develop an end product that works.

MuShield is a small company that tackles big problems. Our flexibility and the talent mix of our engineers enables us to build, test, and ship prototypes within reasonable time frames.

MuShield works closely with customer design engineers to create a viable shield. We then build according to agreed upon specifications, and test for performance. We keep it as simple as possible, for you, our valued customer.