High Permeability Magnetic Shielding Tubing

Product Announcement from MuShield Company, Inc. (The)

LONDONDERRY, NH— The MuShield Company, Inc, a leading supplier of high permeability magnetic shielding, announced that it has partnered with The AT Wall Company, of Warwick, Rhode Island to develop MuShield high permeability magnetic shielding seamless tubing. The product is a result of extensive research and development, and is superior for applications that require precision machined magnetic shield components or where long lengths of small diameter tubing are needed. Typical applications include aircraft instrumentation, medical and surgical equipment, oil exploration, and imaging equipment.

"A T Wall was able to use its deep drawing capabilities to take plate supplied by MuShield, cup it and then draw it into tubing. Being able to supply the product in tubing form greatly reduces the cost of manufacturing for MuShield and its customers as it reduces scrap." said Donna Parker, A T Wall's director of sales.

The MuShield seamless tubing's shielding capability is 20-30 percent better than a formed and welded product, depending on the welding method used. The seamless tube offers complete shielding homogeneity and attenuation uniformity throughout the walls and length of the tube. The MuShield product can also decrease machining times significantly and save on material costs, important for applications with tight tolerances on machined details and roundness.

When compared to machining product from solid bar or fabricated cylinders, the MuShield seamless tubing is a sure choice. It can hold both outside and inside diameters to .002" along with wall thicknesses within .002". MuShield seamless tubing is available with wall thicknesses from .005" through .250". Sizes range from outside diameters of .080" to 2.625" Lengths are up to 20'. MuShield seamless tubing meets the standards of ASTM A753-08, standard specification for wrought nickel-iron soft magnetic alloys.

A.T. Wall Company is a subsidiary of ATW Companies, which also includes Judson A. SmithCompany, located in Boyertown, PA, and Parmatech Corporation, located in Petaluma, CA.

About The MuShield Company

Located in Londonderry, NH, The MuShield Company has the capability to manufacture piece parts from sheet metal that meet the tightest of tolerances. Their state of the art CNC machines, allows them to be a leader in magnetic shielding manufacturing. Further, the company supplies their customers with high permeability raw material alloys, among other types of alloys, in coil, sheet, rod and bar stock. The MuShield Company is able to service companies, both foreign and domestic, in their needs of magnetic shielding from the Londonderry office.

Contact Luke Grilli at (603) 666-4433 ex. 21 or lukeg@mushield.com for more information.