Magnetic Shield Design

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When deciding what type of MuMetal magnetic shielding is right for you, you have to first decide if it is more feasible to shield the effected unit or the effecting unit.

While in use, a MuMetal magnetic shield absorbs magnetic flux by providing a path around a sensitive area and protecting the electronics found within that magnetic shield. This is an example of shielding the effected unit. If shielding the sensitive electronic is out of the question, magnetic shielding may be used to contain magnetic flux from leaking out and causing other electronics to malfunction. This is an example of shielding the effecting unit.

When thinking about what type of design you'd like to make, there are a few different options to work with:

  • Most effective shield but highly impractical- Sphere design
  • Effective shield and very practical- Cylinder with 4:1 length to diameter ratio and end caps
  • Less effective shield than a cylinder, but more practical for meachanical or structural reasons - Box shaped shield
  • Least effective tyle or shield- Large flat sheet

Do you have a specific magnetic shielding design in mind and want to find out if it is not only an effective way to shield your magnetic interference problem, but also if it is manufacturable? Contact the MuShield Company today. One or our talented engineering staff members will reach out to you and work with you to solve your specific magnetic interference problem.