MultiCam 7000 Series CNC Router

Product Announcement from MultiCam, Inc.

MultiCam 7000 Series CNC Router-Image

The most powerful of the moving gantry design machines is the 7000 series. The 7000 Series can be configured with up to four independent Z axis carriages or with heavy duty spindles and drill banks for multifunction panel processing. MultiCam's 7000 Series routers offer the ultimate in high-perfomance CNC machining and are available in a broad range of standard table sizes and spindle configurations. Designed for high-speed, heavy-duty routing, 7000 Series machines are easily configured to meet a broad range of demanding application requirements in the woodworking, plastics and non-ferrous metals industries. Heavy-duty plate frame construction coupled with space saving, moving gantry design makes the 7000 Series a robust, commercial grade machine designed for today's competitive manufacturing environment.