CombiTac - The Modular Connector System

Product Announcement from Multi-Contact USA

CombiTac - The Modular Connector System-Image

The CombiTac modular connector system is Multi-Contact's solution to create unique application-specific interconnections. The CombiTac system offers a large selection of contact carriers that can be freely combined in a robust frame to permit countless connector arrangements in a very small space. Many different modules are available for signal or power contacts, thermocouples, coaxial contacts, compressed air or fluid lines, and fiber optics. CombiTac assemblies can be plate or panel mounted, or built into DIN coupler hoods. High reliability is achieved with Multi-Contact's tried and proven Multilam contact technology. Electrical contacts are available with crimp, screw or flow-solder terminals. A blind-mate alignment system guarantees perfect engagement. The CombiTac system is ideal for module technology or rack and panel applications in telecommunications, computer technology, machine control systems etc. An interactive configuration tool on Multi-Contact's web site enables engineers to build modular assemblies online, explore the final product, review assembly dimensions, and request a quotation.


  • Power contacts up to 150A
  • Voltage up to 600V CATII
  • Signal, power, thermocouples, pneumatics, hydraulics and fiber optics
  • Modular, compact, space saving design
  • Small production requirements


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