MC4-EVO 3 Connector for Renewable Energy

Product Announcement from Multi-Contact USA

MC4-EVO 3 Connector for Renewable Energy-Image

Compatible with our original MC4 connectors, our new MC4-EVO 3 series products are available with cable cross sections of 2.5, 4 and 6mm². An integrated sealing system guarantees high degrees of protection.

MC4-EVO 3, which is available only as a ready-assembled product, is a new addition to the portfolio of high-quality plug connectors incorporating the Multilam and the crimp and strain relief technology which has been tried and tested over many years. Its markedly flatter design will be particularly appreciated by installing electricians who regularly have to cope with restricted spaces.

Three different integrated sealing inserts adapted to the individual cable diameters enable high protection classes of IP 65 and IP 67 to be attained. The locking system (snap-in) in accordance with the specifications of NEC 2011 guarantee an extremely secure connection. Unlocking can be effected only with a special key set PV-MS-PLS.

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