3-Axis digital magnetometers for high-resolution

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MDT Releases High-Resolution Three-Axis Digital Magnetometers
New Magnetometers with Open USB Communication Protocol Facilitate Rapid Prototyping and Customization for Magnetic Sensor Research and Development
MultiDimension Technology (MDT) will release the two new models of Three-Axis digital magnetometers for high-resolution 3D magnetic field measurement. They include USB27053 for 5 milliTesla low-field measurement and USB25103 for 2 Tesla high-field measurement, with a USB interface connecting PCs or Android devices. They are ideally suited for scientific research, industrial instrumentation or educational programs in a variety of applications, including 2D/3D magnetic field mapping, material property research, non-destructive testing, object detection and tracking, algorithms for magnetic sensing and sensor fusion.

"MDT's new USB magnetometers are designed with high-performance three-axis magnetic sensors, low-noise signal conditioning circuitry, high-resolution digitization with calibration by a microcontroller, and a USB interface communicating with PCs or Android devices. A user-friendly graphical user interface provides visualization of the 3D magnetic field in real-time, and configuration options for calibration, filtering, sampling rate, etc. MDT can customize the magnetometer to interface with any TMR sensors, Hall Effect or AMR/GMR sensors, allowing users to evaluate sensor performance and choose the best-suitable product for their applications. MDT also provides an open communication protocol that can be interfaced with any development platforms or programming languages such as LabView, Arduino, Matlab, C# or Python, facilitating rapid prototyping for new applications with ease. MDT's magnetometers are accessible to a wide-ranging user base from sensor technology researchers, application developers, test engineers, lab technicians, hobbyists to educators and students as a general-purpose magnetic sensing instrument and also a customizable sensor research platform." said Dr. James G. Deak, co-founder and CTO of MultiDimension Technology.

Features of MDT's Three-Axis USB Magnetometers:

--5-digit high-resolution measurement by USB27053 (+/-5mT low-field with 20nT resolution) or USB25103 (+/-2T high-field with 7.5µT resolution);

--3D measurement at 250Hz sampling rate;

--User adjustable configurations for range, filtering, averaging and data logging;

--Built-in offset and sensitivity calibration;

--Customizable linearization and orthogonalization;

--USB interface for plug-and-play operations;

--Graphical user interface for PC and Android devices;

--Command-line interface and open communication protocol.


MultiDimension Technology(MDT®) was founded in 2010 in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China, with branch offices in Ningbo ,Shanghai, Chengdu China and San Jose, Calif., USA. MDT has developed an unique intellectual property portfolio, and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities that can support volume production of high-performance, low-cost TMR magnetic sensors to satisfy the most demanding application needs. Led by its core management team of experts in magnetic sensor technology and engineering services, MDT is committed to creating added value for its customers and ensuring their success. 
MDT ’s Service Options Include:

  • In-plane and Z-axis TMR sensors, which may be delivered as wafers, bare dice, or packaged devices
  • Custom design for TMR/GMR/AMR sensors
  • ASIC design for integration with TMR/GMR/AMR sensors
  • Foundry service for TMR/GMR/AMR sensors including thin-film deposition, device processing, packaging and testing
  • Custom sensor module design and application solutions
  • IP licensing, granting customers access to MDT ’s technology for use in their products