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GE-A Non Contact Magnetic Geartooth Encoders

Featured Product from MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.

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GE-A Series High Accuracy Geartooth Encoders

The GE-A geartooth encoders provide non-contact measurements with differential sine/cosine signals with 1Vpp amplitude. The encoders are cased in IP68 zinc alloy housings and have output frequencies up to 1MHz. They can accomodate gears with 0.3~0.8 module.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Output signal amplitude in 1Vpp with high quality;
  • High frequency response up to 500 kHz;
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 100°C;
  • IP68 protection grade;
  • Non-contact measurement, abrasion and vibration free, can work in harsh environments such as water, oil or dust;
  • Weak magnetic induction prevents the gear from being magnetized, and the surface of the encoder is not easy to adsorb iron filings;
  • Large tolerance to air-gap and installation position with high-sensitivity TMR sensors.


Order Online:

Contact us at sales@dowayusa.com for different modules.



  • Rotary position and speed sensing in CNC machines
  • Energy and power generation systems
  • Railway equipment
  • Elevators


General Description:

The GE-A Geartooth Encoders (including Normal Version and Enhanced Version) of MultiDimension Technology (MDT) are non-contact incremental encoders for rotary speed and position measurement. Based on MDT’s unique Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) sensor technology, they provide orthogonal differential sin/cos signals with high quality, along with an index signal and their inverse signals. The GE-A series are designed for 0.3~1.0-module gears with different teeth numbers.(Gear is the optional product).