Programable USB Magnetometer

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High-Field USB Magnetometer
MDT presents programmable USB magnetometers. The plug-and-play magnetometers can measure magnetic fields up to ±30k Oe at frequencies up to 200 Hz. Results can be accessed using MDT's graphical user interface or can be integrated into the user's custom written program. Additionally, the user may reprogram the electronic probe using open source Arduino development tools.



  • High-Field and Low-Field Sensing Technology;
  • Measurement Range of -30 kOe to 30 kOe;
  • 5 Digit Resolution;
  • Plug and Play USB Interface;
  • Powered from USB Bus;
  • Graphical User Interface;
  • Command Line User Interface;
  • Manual Range Selection;
  • Adjustable Filtering and Averaging;
  • Simple Zeroing and Calibration;
  • Customizable Linearization;
  • Documented Programming Interface;
  • Reconfigurable Hardware;
  • Manual and Automatic Triggering



  • High Field Laboratory Measurements;
  • Automated Data Acquisition and Control;
  • Materials Research;
  • Non Destructive Testing;
  • Magnetic Object Tracking;
  • Sensor Algorithm Development;
  • STEM Education;
  • Hobby and DIY


MultiDimension Technology(MDT®) was founded in 2010 in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China, with branch offices in Ningbo, Shanghai, and Chengdu, China and San Jose, Calif., USA. MDT has developed an unique intellectual property portfolio, and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities that can support volume production of high-performance, low-cost TMR magnetic sensors to satisfy the most demanding application needs. Led by its core management team of experts in magnetic sensor technology and engineering services, MDT is committed to creating added value for its customers and ensuring their success. 
MDT ’s Service Options Include:

  • In-plane and Z-axis TMR sensors, which may be delivered as wafers, bare dice, or packaged devices
  • Custom design for TMR/GMR/AMR sensors
  • ASIC design for integration with TMR/GMR/AMR sensors
  • Foundry service for TMR/GMR/AMR sensors including thin-film deposition, device processing, packaging and testing
  • Custom sensor module design and application solutions
  • IP licensing, granting customers access to MDT ’s technology for use in their products