DryCool HCUi

Product Announcement from Munters DH

DryCool HCUi-Image

The DryCool™ HCUi is designed to cost-effectively treat 100% make-up air and can work in conjunction with your existing A/C system. It controls humidity on an as-needed basis, and can be utilized in existing facilities with chiller capacity limitations.
The DryCool™ HCUi combines desiccant and refrigeration technology to provide dehumidification while maximizing efficiency. Because the energy required for the operation of its desiccant dehumidifier is recycled from cooling components, the DryCool™ HCUi operates cost-efficiently.

Product airflow range: 16,500 to 40,500 scfm.


  • Improved chiller COPs
  • Saves up to 40% on energy versus conventional AHU systems
  • Increases make-up air without increasing central chiller tonnage
  • LEED credits for green building construction
  • Retrofit or new construction