MG90 Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Product Announcement from Munters DH

MG90 Desiccant Dehumidifiers-Image

The MG90 desiccant dehumidifier is designed to efficiently and very effectively dehumidify up to 50 cfm of air. The product's very compact construction incorporates sections held together by four bolts. The fan, desiccant rotor and reactivation heater are secured in fixed positions within their respective sections without utilizing additional attachments. It is lightweight at only 22 lbs and only 11" x 16"h.

One of the sections contains a distribution chamber with isolated sections that provide a precise balance for dehumidification and reactivation airflows. Its rugged casing is constructed from corrosion resistant die cast aluminum. This unit is well suited for smaller spaces, portable applications and traveling exhibitions. This unit only requires standard power and features options for a humidistat, a damage resistant cage, wall mounting and easily adapted round duct connections.

Applications include research facilities with test chambers, long term dry storage facilities such as archival applications, ammunition storage, seed storage, etc.