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The choice of hemodialysis professionals for years, these compact instruments have been designed specifically to test dialysate solutions. By measuring electrical conductivity, they will quickly determine if dialysate concentrations are correct.

To use these hand-held instruments, the operator simply fills the cell cup with dialysate solution and pushes a button. The needle indicates the total concentrations of salts in the solution.

Model D-1: Has an expanded scale of 11-15 millimhos and is useful for testing final dialysate. A unique feature of this model is the adjustable green color band above the dial. This provides an immediate visual confirmation of whether or not the dialysate concentration is within the patient's "safe zone".

Model D-2: Features dual scales on the dial and can test both acetate and bicarbonate dialysate. Both instruments are easy to calibrate for more accurate readings.

Both instruments have built-in cell cups and are completely self-contained. They are powered by 9 volt batteries which last for at least 2,000 tests. A glow light serves as a battery reserve indicator.

Thousands of MYRON L Dialysate Meters are currently in daily use around the world after years of reliable service.

For more info visit: http://www.myronl.com/products/dialysate.htm