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Industrial Solution pH and ORP Monitor/controllers

Featured Product from Myron L Company

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The 720 Series II units are meant to provide robust operation in severe environments with minimal setup or support required over its operating life.

Standard features include advanced "isolated" circuitry, built-in electronic calibration, internal alarm set, heavy-duty 10-amp output relay, a push-to-test button for easy set point checks, bright green and red LED's to indicate above or below set point readings.

Its broad array of pH / ORP sensors with a proprietary sensor located preamplifier allows efficient, inexpensive operation for all applications and installations.

Myron offers many options that include, but are not limited to, a microcomputer based pump controller board with two pulse outputs and integrated delay / mixing timers, remote alarms, audible alarms etc.

Its add features design philosophy allows you to buy only the features you want, giving you an effective instrument for the least cost.

A compact - 6 x 4.8 inches (152 x 122 mm) IP64/NEMA 3 splash and corrosion-proof rated enclosure makes the 720 Series II suitable for panel, bench or surface mounting.

All Myron L Monitor / controllers have a TWO year limited warranty. All pH / ORP sensors from any supplier are considered a consumable with both a limited shelf and operating life. Myron L Company warrants our sensors for six months against defects in materials or workmanship.

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