ULTRAPEN™ PT5 Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Temp. Pen

Featured Product from Myron L Company

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Myron L® Company Ultrapen™ PT5 Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Temperature Pen is designed to be extremely accurate, fast, and simple to use in diverse water quality applications.

Advanced features include:

  • Real time readings.
  • A proprietary sensor design and highly stable microprocessor-based circuitry that measures DO with an accuracy of up to ± 2%.
  • Temperature compensation algorithm that dynamically corrects for changes in membrane temperature during measurements.
  • Adjustment for Altitude and sample Salinity.
  • hree calibration methods, AIR (Water Saturated Air), WATER (Air Saturated Water), and ZERO (0 ppm DO).
  • True one-handed operation.
  • A rugged, reliable design with an aircraft aluminum body.
  • Waterproof housing.
  • Replacement membranes contained in easy to Install, screw-on caps.

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