Custom Cable Harnesses

Featured Product from NAI Group, LLC

A rugged cable harness assembly at NAI may include any combination of copper, fiber optic, and power cables. NAI has been providing the global marketplace with world class manufacturing solutions for decades, based on quality, reliability and service. We design and manufacture integrated connectivity solutions for Industrial Technology, Medical, Telecom and Data industries.

Many NAI custom cable harnesses are large and complex in design and structure, and may utilize a combination of data (fiber optic and/or copper) and power cables. A cable harness assembly often incorporates a number of cable assemblies that fan out from the main harness, and may utilize different connectors to attach to equipment. Refer to the sample harnesses shown at right.

Cable harnesses can be customized in any way, with your choice of:

  • Our huge selection of cable types - fiber optic, copper or power
  • Conductor type options - solid or stranded, size and colors
  • A wide range of insulation and rugged jacketing materials
  • Connectivity options, including connectors, pins, covers, contacts and housings
  • Other components, such as ferrules, strain reliefs, terminal blocks, potting, shrink tubing, boots, bushings and more
  • Other capabilities, such as braiding, ultrasonic welding of bare copper and inline cable marking