Higher Load Capacity Slide

Featured Product from NB Corporation of America

NB TOPBALL is a linear motion mechanism utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements. NB's uniquely designed precision ground load plate provides circular arch contact to the ball element resulting in greater dispersion of the load, enabling TOPBALL to provide up to 3 times the load capacity and 27 times the travel life of conventional slide bushings. NB's self-aligning TOPBALL meets high speed requirements up to 180m/min or 118in/sec, and can be designed into many different applications such as factory automated equipment, machine tools, industrial machines, electrical equipment, optical instruments.

The NB TOPBALL uses a round shaft for the guide, resulting in effective space utilization, which allows for compact designs with high load capacity and longer operational life. Moreover, it is available in open and closed types as well as unit types with clearance adjustable, which make it suitable for various types of installations. TOPBALL also comes in inch and metric dimensions.

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